Development Roadmap


A dedicated grid node which provides shells for running code will be added soon. This node will probably be isolated from most other grid resources and highly sandboxed.

Right now the chat service logic is all client side and there is nothing to prevent flooding or duplication of nicknames, and timestamps were removed due to clients having uncoordinated clocks even when GMT timestamps were used. An 'intermediate' server-side service is needed to process client messages before they are relayed to the hubfs which muxes them. It should prevent floods, preserve nickname uniqueness, and add a timestamp.

The plumber also needs rate-limiting of plumbs to prevent a misbehaving client/user from sending a flood of plumbspam.

There are many ideas for possible additional services, such as "grid radio", targeting plumbs or chat messages to individual users, a faces-like ability to see connected users, a "grid mail" system, logging plumbs to the chat. Some of these ideas are related to:

The grid right now is entirely open and anonymous, which limits the range of services that can be provided due to security issues and prevents deployment of services which interact with user identity. As the grid grows, both for security reasons and to provide additional features, a user account system should probably be created. The public grid will not go away, but an additional tier of services available to account-holders would be added.