The grid offers ftp service via ftpfs, which allows file upload and download at a much faster rate than pure 9p as used by the ramfs service, as well as making things disk-persistent and accessible via web browser. The ftp service is mounted by a local ftpfs at /n/gridftp so it behaves very similarly to any other filesystem.

The command-function "cpl" is provided in the gridstart script. cpl takes one argument, a path to a local file. It uploads that file to /n/gridftp and then plumbs a web-link to it, so other connected users receive the file via browser. All files uploaded to the ftp are web-retrievable at wiki.9gridchan.org/incoming/filename, so for any data that you wish to be accessible only via the grid, use the gridram service instead. No public directory index or linking to the ftp-uploaded files is provided, however.