Graffiti wall

Back in the the days of ye olde gridde about the only "service" that existed apart from a few static files was a graffiti wall - which was nothing other than a standard file which was exported as world-writable. It actually accumulated a fair amount of comments over time, and those are actually preserved in the "fortunes" file used within the ANTS boot-admin namespace. A small easter egg I doubt anyone has actually noticed, but there you have it. Anyway, this is a good place for posting tiny random comments.


Grid party 2018!!!

Well, the new grid is open for business. The excitement should be overwhelming and unceasing from here on out. Namespace madness all night and day.

/\              /|
\ \  |\   /|   / /
\ \ /-`^~-`\ / /
   彡ノノノ>  /------
    ! |  | l <   9!  \
    \  フ /   \______/

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