Well we are approach the 1 year anniversary of starting this grid! I am writing a new greeting to say thanks to everyone who has been on the grid so far - looking forward to seeing you in 2019, along with any new gridders who visit our 9p fses.


Hey everyone! I've been using 9front on-and-off for a long time, but this is my first time on the 9grid! Happy to be here - knusbaum

Hi! I got 9ants installed in a virtual machine. So far so good. The installation script is insanely simple for Plan 9! Kudos to the 9ants people! - winny

Hi, mycroft and company! I've been reading about ANTS recently and I'll probably end up using it for the labs. Just to let you know, I'm also of the kind who should like to see more people using 9front and improving it. Congrats for the new public grid service, you're doing great work! - rgl

Hi. I'm some rando from #cat-v. I've been using 9front as a main OS for a while now. Feel free to ask questions if you need help. - qwx

Hi, just started exploring the grid and I love it so far. Thanks for doing this! - palawbg

... - ransom

I'm a person... trying to be a person. - amavect

i'm just some girl. i exist - dog star


(archived greeting from beginning of 2018)

Hello currently-hypothetical grid users! I have absolutely no idea if this version of a public grid will see much use or traffic, so it feels a bit absurd to be posting a message for the benefit of a community which may or may not ever exist, but you gotta start somewhere, right? Feel free to add content to this page and also make a user page for yourself if you wish. - mycroftiv