Manual Connection

The grid services are almost all simple standard 9p fileservers that can be mounted individually. As of early 2019, here are the current IP addresses for the services, pasted from the grid registry.
tcp!!6675 is gridregistry mountpoint /mnt/registry
tcp!!7675 is pubregistry mountpoint /n/pubregistry
tcp!!9997 is gridchat mountpoint /n/chat
tcp!!17035 is gridwiki mountpoint /mnt/wiki
tcp!!9998 is gridplumber mountpoint /mnt/plumb
tcp!!9996 is gridram mountpoint /n/gridram
tcp!!564 is gridroot mountpoint /n/gridroot
tcp!!9564 is griddisk mountpoint /n/griddisk

It is possible these IP addresses will change unexpectedly, so please check the main grid wiki pages for more information.