Outside Migrations

Thu Mar 1 02:11:15 GMT 2018, glenda

Some of the public grid services have been spotted outside of their natural envrionment. Is it speculated that they plan to conquer and consume these new habitats. Here is instructions on how to understand these services.


The radio has sucessfully migrated out of the public grid and conquered the p9p space. Here is a snippet to stream the radio out of an ANTS environment.

mpg123 <{9p -a 'tcp!plan-nue.youkai.pw!4458' read radio}
Note that mpg123 may not be portable. Sadly the only system UFORADIO has landed on, is a mac. Early research into the portability of that utility has shown good results on a pinguin-derived machine.

If one wants to see the current playing playlist, one can read the other file provided by UFORADIO, thusly:

9p -a 'tcp!plan-nue.youkai.pw!4458' read playing

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