Public registry


The main 9gridchan registry is exported read-only, so that the gridstart script can work in a deterministic manner and it does not become intermixed with services of unknown origin. An open public registry to which other users can announce services is also provided. It's default mountpoint is /n/pubregistry. If you wish to announce services to it, you will probably want to make use of the gridlisten1 program, available in the ANTS repository. If that program is installed, the following is an example sequence to provide a read-only export of a given directory:

bind -c /n/pubregistry /mnt/registry
gridlisten1 -t -d myfiles tcp!*!9999 /bin/exportfs -R -r /usr/glenda/pubshare

If you wish for the listener to run as the 'none' user, it is necessary to deal with the change of namespace that happens when the process becomes none. One way to do this is to add this line to /lib/namespace.local:

mount -c /srv/pubregistry /mnt/registry

Because it is often the case that what is being exported to the grid is a service using the -S flag of exportfs, in that case it is also necessary to

chmod 666 /srv/servicename

so that none is able to actually perform the mount required by the exportfs process.