Root fs


The publicly exported root filesystem is read-only, and includes several pieces of useful software which can be run from it. It has go1.9.2 installed, the Myrddin programming language, and Inferno. Go and Myrddin can be run from 64-bit systems only, Inferno from 32 bit systems only. With use of the correct binds, you can use these environments to build software to your local system. You can make a local GOROOT and bind it over the imported read-only root fs, for instance, then the "go get" command will use the imported go binaries to build an executable you will store locally. You could also build software to be stored on the shared ramdisk.

This root filesystem should be bound at /n/gridroot by clients. If bound in another location, plumbed messages involving its files will not be able to be sent or received by other clients. At the time of this page edit, this service is available via standard 9p mount at:

A tls encrypted version with dp9ik password '9gridchan' is located at: