given its just writing /n/chat/channel, it's easy to make a bot for hubchat. The authors first and favorite example:

 pick a fortune file. /lib/ken, /lib/rsc/, etc, give it a variable. name=ken, or rsc, or any other you'd like.
echo JOIN $name to channel>>/n/chat/channel
{echo $name ':' `{fortune /lib/^$name}}>>/n/chat/channel
time=`{date -u};time=`{echo '('^$
time(4)^')'}; would have been required had the chat timestamps, like at first and as you see in these examples.

Obviously, you can give them any other name, too, or use a file from anywhere else.

Some examples:

JOIN uriel to chat
(01:13:07) uriel : I would recommend against learning C++, it will damage your brain.
(20:12:53) mycroft : oh my
(01:13:28) uriel : No.
(01:23:59) rob : I wasn't asking about 9front.
(20:23:46) mycroft : rob: come back to plan 9, that plan9port on macbook crap is lame af
(01:24:18) rob : The Plan 9 FAQ needs work.
(01:26:06) GODS PROPHET : If I had to defend my claim of being God's gift to programming and having divine like intellect, in the face of Knuth and company. I'm proud of these. You can keep your proofs. I took 5 assembly language classes.
(20:25:57) mycroft : is that Terry?
(20:26:22) mycroft : you know, in 2013 i spent about 2 months as crazy as he is. it was pretty fun.
(01:27:13) byouki-onna : What do you think of this athiest CIA nigger comparing himself to gods prophet, terry?
(01:27:17) GODS PROPHET : Kill da nigger.
(20:27:06) mycroft : @_@

Of course, you dont have to make a bot as such. You can use these ideas to augment your own valuable contributions. Try out:

echo $YOURNAMEHERE ':' If you need me, Ill be working on a `{bullshit} to support my `{bullshit} for the `{bullshit}}>>chat

Or maybe just

echo $YOURNAME ':' `{blogcom}}>>chat