Gridlisten1 is a variant of listen1(8) which auto-announces to a registry mounted at /mnt/registry. It is found within the ANTS repository or can be downloaded directly and compiled.It follows the same format as listen1, with the addition of optional -d description and -m mountpoint parameters. These parameters simply add additional information to the string written to the registry. Assuming you have mounted the grid services at their suggested locations, you can share files or a service with a command sequence such as:

bind -c /n/pubregistry /mnt/registry
gridlisten1 -t -d myfiles tcp!*!9999 /bin/exportfs -R -r /usr/glenda/pubshare

If you want to run gridlisten1 without the -t flag, you will need to add a line like

mount -c #s/pubregistry /mnt/registry

to your /lib/namespace.local file. This is because if the listener is run as none, it builds a new namespace and will not have /mnt/registry within its namespace. In this case, the initial bind -c command is also not needed because the originating namespace will not be seen.

See also: gridlisten1(8)