The public plumber service allows messages to be dispatched to and received from other grid users, and directed to the relevant application. For instance, all users with Mothra open and the plumber mounted will automatically be directed to whatever URL is plumbed. Similarly, with Acme open, plumbing a file name such as /sys/src/cmd/cat.c will open that file in the editor. Note that the file being opened is the local copy - not a shared copy. If you plumb a filename which only exists on your local system, nothing will happen.

The plumber can only send and receive messages, it can't run any applications the way that a locally running plumber can. Also, because Mothra does not support javascript, there is no risk of running arbitrary untrusted code. There could be security implications if there are bugs in the Plan 9 applications that read files. Check the security page for details.

The plumber is available via standard 9p mount at:

A tls-encrypted version of the service with dp9ik password '9gridchan' is at: