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taw. main interests lie in electronics, computers and machinery. grew up in a machine and woodworking shop. wannabe artist, awful at playing guitar and bass. jack of all trades, master of none. (damned lies)


using plan 9 to bring order and peace to an otherwise chaotic digital world via any means necessary.

currently attempting to untangle the gross mess of libraries, protocols, interfaces, and development environments plaguing industrial automation (also: fuck IoT). the short term goal is a set of tools to enable simple interfacing between control programs on plan 9 and existing industrial automation hardware. the long term goal is to build a pure plan 9 automation system; a sensor is a file, a motor is a file, a plc is a file server, a 6-axis robot is a file server. a cnc machine is a file server. mount the resource and utilize it. of course these concepts can be applied to automation beyond industrial processes.